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Prime Video to Introduce Ads in 2022

Highlights 1. Amazon Prime Video, a popular streaming service, may introduce ads next year. 2. Other streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix have already introduced ad-supported...

Galaxy Tab A9 and S9 FE Spotted on Google Play – Upcoming Releases

Highlights 1. Samsung is preparing to release two premium tablets called the Galaxy Tab S9 FE series and two mid-range tablets called the Galaxy Tab...

Introducing the New Google Messages Voice Recorder

Highlights 1. The Google Messages app has a voice recorder function that allows users to record and send voice messages quickly and easily. 2. The current...

Android 14 QPR1 introduces requested feature on Google Pixel Fold

Highlights - The first important idea from the text is that in the Android 14’s first QPR1 beta, Google is adding new features to the...

Twitter Circles Discontinuing One Year After Launch

Highlights 1. Twitter's Circle feature, which allows users to share tweets with a designated group of followers, is being shut down. 2. The reason for shutting...

OnePlus 11 Sale: Grab it for $649 Limited Time Offer

Highlights - The text includes sponsored content - The HTML code is using the element to create a bullet list - The element is contained...