2023 Smartphone Value Retention: iPhone 15 and Galaxy S23 Excel

So, 2023 is waving us goodbye. And it’s time to take a hard look at how our favorite flagship smartphones held up. A report from SellCell, a price comparison site, gives us the lowdown. Apple, it seems, has done a bang-up job keeping the iPhone 15 series’ value afloat, especially when stacked against many Android rivals.

In the Android world, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series held its own.

Now, let’s talk numbers. The iPhone 15 only lost a measly 27.9% of its value three months after release. That’s 27.1% less than the average depreciation seen in other flagship Android devices. The 256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max? Even better. It depreciated by just 18.2% during the first three months.

On the Android side, the Galaxy S23 fared pretty well. It experienced 32.8% less depreciation compared to other Android flagships in the same timeframe. Sure, it lost 43.5% in the first two months, but it bounced back. The 256GB Galaxy S23 Plus was a real trooper, losing only 35.3% after three months.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Android. Some flagships took a serious hit.

The Galaxy S23 FE, for instance, didn’t do so hot. It lost a whopping 68.4% of its value within three months of release. Its predecessor, the Galaxy S22, didn’t fare much better, depreciating by 46.8% in the first two months.

The Google Pixel 8? It took a nosedive, losing 61.2% in the first three months. Oddly enough, its predecessor, the Pixel 7a, outperformed it by losing only 52.5% of its value in the same period.

OnePlus made an entrance with the OnePlus 11, which depreciated by 48.5% in the first three months. Not the best performance, landing it on the list of worst-depreciating phones in 2023. But hey, it still did better than the Google Pixel 8. Some Galaxy S23 models also made the list, likely due to discounts from Samsung and third-party retailers, which affected their resale values.

To sum it all up, Apple’s iPhone 15 and Samsung’s Galaxy S23 were the stars of the show in terms of value retention. The Galaxy S23 FE and Google’s Pixel 8? Not so much. They faced some serious value depreciation.

Credit: SellCell

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