Affordable Samsung foldable price could surprise us


  • Samsung is aiming to release cheaper foldable smartphones next year
  • The price tag of a cheaper Samsung foldable smartphone could be between $400 and $500, which is surprising and aggressive pricing
  • Samsung will need to make several changes and cut costs in order to meet this price
  • The cheaper foldable smartphone may not have a cover display or may use an inferior chip compared to flagship models

Samsung’s plan for cheap foldables next year

TrendForce recently reported that Samsung is working on releasing cheaper foldables. The price tag of a new Samsung foldable is expected to be between $400 and $500, according to a tipster. This aggressive pricing is surprising, but possible. It could be a clamshell foldable, similar to the Motorola Razr 40, with features and components adjusted to meet this lower price point. Samsung may have to make some compromises to achieve this, such as offering an inferior chip and making display concessions.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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