An Unsuccessful Product That Failed to Reach Consumers


1. The development of the Nothing Power (1), a transparent power bank with 65w fast charging support, was rejected by the R&D team due to not meeting their expectations.
2. Power banks are a different product category that require specific experience and knowledge, especially regarding safety requirements.
3. The team faced challenges in implementing the transparent design while maintaining the build and safety of the product, such as making the glue invisible and preventing dust from entering.
4. The Nothing Power (1) had durability issues and suffered from overheating problems, leading to the decision to go back to the drawing board and redesign the product from scratch.

Nothing’s Rejected Product: Transparent Power Bank with 65W Fast Charging Support

The Challenges Faced During Development

Nothing, a small start-up at the time, had worked on a transparent power bank known as the Power (1). However, the product failed to meet the expectations of the R&D team, leading to its rejection. The team faced several challenges during its development.

One of the major hurdles was designing a transparent power bank without compromising on build quality and safety. The team had to find a way to make the glue invisible while ensuring that no dust particles entered the device.

Additionally, the transparent design limited the options for materials, making the power bank heavy. As a result, it did not pass the drop tests, indicating durability issues.

The compact Power (1) was designed to support 65W fast charging. However, it encountered overheating problems due to limited design elements and materials that could be used underneath the transparent body. Adequate heat dissipation is vital for a device with an internal battery.

Considering these issues, Nothing decided to go back to the drawing board and redesign the product from scratch. Despite the effort, resources, and lessons learned along the way, the Power (1) never made it to mass production.

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