Android 14 update causing issues for some Android Auto music apps


  • After the Android 14 update, some users of the Android Auto service on their vehicles have had a hard time accessing their music streaming apps.
  • This issue is affecting a host of music streaming apps that are commonly used among drivers, and various car models are also experiencing the problem.
  • Pixel users are the majority facing this issue, and Google is working on a fix to solve the problem.
  • Temporary fixes for those facing this issue include restarting the song or reconnecting the device to the car’s infotainment.

Android Auto Music App Issue Android 14 Users Are Experiencing
Users’ Experience with Android Auto Music App Issue
A Fix Might Be in the Works for the Android Auto Music App Issue
Pixel Users Facing Android Auto Music App Issue
Temporary Fixes for the Android Auto Music App Issue

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Craig Diaz
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