Built-in Browser in Wear OS 4 Doesn’t Surf


1. Wear OS 4 does not have a built-in browser for surfing the web on smartwatch screens.
2. Other browser apps can be downloaded from the Play Store on the watch.
3. The built-in browser on Wear OS 4 Pixel Watches is dedicated to sending links to the phone, rather than browsing websites directly.
4. The presence of the built-in browser may vary for different users, as it does not show up for everyone.

## Wear OS 4: No Built-in Browser, But There Are Alternatives

Wear OS 4 brings useful changes for Android users, but it does not include a built-in browser for web surfing. This may not be a big issue, as browsing the web on a smartwatch is far from ideal. However, there are other browser apps available on the Play Store for those who want to try them.

Interestingly, the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 with Wear OS 4 do have a built-in browser. However, this browser does not allow you to surf the web. Instead, it seems to be designed for sending links to your phone from other apps. While it functions in a roundabout way, you cannot directly navigate to a website of your choice.

It should be noted that the built-in browser in Wear OS 4 may not be available to all users. Some have reported not being able to find it, while others have seen it on their Pixel Watch 2. To access it, go to settings and find it under the default apps screen in the apps and notifications menu. “Wear OS” should be set as the default browser, but you can change this if you install another browser on your watch.

It is unclear if Google plans to make any changes to the built-in browser in the future. For now, it remains an interesting feature, albeit somewhat limited. It would be more intriguing if it were an actual application that could be launched.

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