CD Projekt Red Utilizes AI Technology for Voice Actor Revival


1. CD Projekt Red used AI to recreate the voice of a deceased Cyberpunk 2077 voice actor, Miłogost Reczek.
2. CD Projekt Red gained permission from Reczek’s family to use his vocal likeness, showing consideration for those closest to him.
3. The company hired a voice actor to read the lines and used AI voice cloning platform Respeecher to make the voice sound like Reczek’s, demonstrating the effectiveness of AI in the field of voice acting.
4. The use of AI in voice acting raises concerns about the potential impact on professional voice actors’ job security and opportunities for up-and-coming actors.

CD Projekt Red Recreates Voice of Deceased Actor in Cyberpunk 2077 Using AI

In the world of generative AI, there has been a lot of anticipation surrounding when AI technology would be used in major productions. CD Projekt Red is starting to push the boundaries with their latest case involving the recreation of a voice actor’s voice using AI.

The late Miłogost Reczek, known for his roles in The Witcher games and as the Polish voice of Homer Simpson in the Simpsons Movie, played the role of Viktor Vector in Cyberpunk 2077.

CD Projekt Red, however, was not using AI technology without permission. They obtained consent from Reczek’s family, who supported the decision. The company then hired a voice actor to read the lines, ensuring a similar tone to Reczek’s. The AI voice cloning platform, Respeecher, was used to make the voice sound like Reczek’s, resulting in an actual human being reading the lines.

While this move may raise concerns about the impact of AI in the workplace, CD Projekt Red’s approach shows consideration for Reczek’s loved ones and a commitment to paying human actors. It also highlights the impressive capabilities of AI technology in voice acting.

Despite the effectiveness of AI in this field, it is important to consider the potential consequences for professional voice actors. If major titles continue to employ AI for roles, it could lead to job losses for experienced voice actors and hinder opportunities for aspiring talents.

As time goes on, it will be crucial to monitor the impact and implications of AI technology in the voice acting industry.

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