Disney+ Ad-Supported Tier: A Popular Choice among Users


1. The ad-supported tier of Disney+ is popular among subscribers because it offers a lower monthly cost.
2. Despite some subscribers preferring a completely ad-free option, ads on streaming services are generally considered to be better than traditional cable TV commercials.
3. Half of the new Disney+ subscribers since the launch of the ad-supported tier have chosen the cheaper plan.
4. Some viewers may have signed up for Disney+ specifically because of the availability of a less expensive option with ads.

“H2: Disney+ ad-supported tier finds popularity among subscribers

Despite initial hesitations, the ad-supported tier of Disney+ has gained significant traction among viewers. In fact, half of the new subscribers since the launch of this tier have opted for the more affordable plan, as stated by Disney in an official post on October 27.

It is understandable that some subscribers would prefer a completely ad-free experience at a lower cost. However, streaming service ads, in general, tend to be more tolerable compared to traditional television commercials. They are often shorter in duration and less frequent, which could explain why Disney+ subscribers are willing to accept ads in exchange for reduced monthly payments.

While not all streaming services have incorporated ads, they have become a standard feature. Platforms like Max, Prime Video, and Apple TV+ have found ways to include limited ads or display exclusive content clips instead.”

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