Early Black Friday Deal: Apple Watch Series 9 for $349


  • The Apple Watch Series 9 is currently $50 off its regular price for the 41mm and 45mm models.
  • The new S9 system-in-package in the Apple Watch Series 9 brings a newer and faster chipset, allowing for new features like a pinching gesture and hands-free capabilities.
  • The Apple Watch Series 9 includes various health features and the Fitness app to help track workouts, activity, and sleep.
  • The Apple Watch Series 9 is available to purchase on Amazon.

Apple Watch Series 9 Discount

The new Apple Watch Series 9, announced in September, is now available at a $50 discount. The 41mm model is priced at $349 and the 45mm model is priced at $379.
This is the first significant discount since the smartwatch’s release, with the previous discount being only around $10 off. This discount is closer to 15-20% off.

Features and Updates

The Apple Watch Series 9 may not look much different, but it has an updated internal system-in-package, the S9, with a newer and faster chipset. This allows for new features such as the pinching gesture for hands-free functionality. Additionally, it comes with various health features to help users stay on track of their goals and includes the Fitness app for tracking workouts, activity, sleep, and swimming (though the Apple Watch Ultra is better for tracking swimming).
You can purchase the Apple Watch Series 9 on Amazon.

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Craig Diaz
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