Ex-Samsung Employee Leaks 18-Nano DRAM Tech to CXMT

Well, here’s a bit of a shocker. Earlier this year, two ex-Samsung employees, Mr. Kim and Mr. Bang, found themselves back in Korea from China. But not for a joyous homecoming. Nope, they were arrested. The charge? Leaking intellectual property. And not just any old IP, but the secrets of Samsung’s 18-nano DRAM technologies.

These guys, who had been working for China’s ChangXin Memory Technologies (CXMT), allegedly spilled the beans on some pretty crucial Samsung memory tech. And they didn’t do it for free. Rumor has it they pocketed “several million dollars” for their trouble.

The South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) blew the whistle on them in May. This led to prosecutors getting involved and an investigation kicking off. Now, I’m no industry expert, but those who are reckon the leaked info is worth a whopping 2.3 trillion won ($1.8 billion).

This isn’t just about money, though. It’s also about trust. The case has raised eyebrows and concerns about chip technology leaks. Apparently, these incidents have quadrupled in the last five years.

But wait, there’s more. This leak could also hit Samsung where it hurts – their competitive edge. The NIS and prosecutors initially zeroed in on semiconductor deposition technology. Mr. Kim, a retired Samsung employee who joined CXMT in China, reportedly shared insights and technology related to this field. As for Mr. Bang, he’s been described as a “former Samsung subcontractor”, but details about his involvement are sketchy.

The fallout from this could be huge. It could potentially impact seven other Samsung semiconductor fabrication processes. Prosecutors are taking this seriously, seeking arrests for violating Korea’s Prevention and Protection of Industrial Technology Leakage Act.

Analysts suggest this leak could have major repercussions for Samsung, who currently control about 40% of the market. The leaked technology could not only result in substantial financial damages to Samsung but also impact the company’s competitive edge. After all, years of research and development went into the 18-nanometer DRAM technologies.

In response to all this, CXMT issued a statement asserting its commitment to respecting intellectual property rights. They also claim to have robust mechanisms in place to prevent the inflow of third-party information from its employees. However, they didn’t provide any more specific comments on the matter of Samsung’s intellectual property theft.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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