February 2024 Galaxy S21 and S23 FE Update Released

Oh, Samsung’s on a roll again! Their February 2024 security update is zooming through the airwaves. Just kicked off less than a week back, and boom – five Galaxy devices are already basking in the update glow. And guess what? Today, the Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy S23 FE are jumping on the update train too.

So, here’s the scoop on the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S23 FE. Samsung decided to bless the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and Galaxy S21 Ultra first in Europe. Switzerland got the honors to kick things off. These devices are snagging the latest security patch with a firmware build number that looks like a secret code: G99*BXXS9FXAH. And for those rocking the Ultra model, you’re looking at an OTA file that’s a hefty 255MB.

But wait, there’s more. This update isn’t just stopping in Switzerland. It’s got a passport and is ready to travel across Europe and then hop over to the rest of the world, including the US. The official word is that this update is all about security fixes for February. No frills, no extra toppings, just pure security goodness.

Now, let’s talk vulnerabilities because Samsung’s got that covered too. The February 2024 SMR (Security Maintenance Release) is like a digital superhero, patching up 69 vulnerabilities. We’re talking three critical Android OS issues and a bunch of high-severity flaws. Plus, some Galaxy-exclusive vulnerabilities in the mix – think Game Optimizer, Smart Suggestions, and Auto Hotspot.

The Galaxy S23 FE isn’t left out of the security party either. This update is making its rounds across Europe and Asia. For the FE enthusiasts, your build number is getting a refresh to S711BXXS2BXA8. And just like its Galaxy siblings, this update is all about those February 2024 security patches. Fresh off its Android 14 update, the S23 FE is keeping things tight and secure.

For those clutching a Samsung smartphone, keep your eyes peeled for that update notification. It’s on its way. And if patience isn’t your virtue, you can always take matters into your own hands. Just dive into Settings > Software update > Download and install. Oh, and make sure your phone’s battery isn’t running on fumes – at least 30% juice is recommended before you hit that update button.

Now, for a little future gazing – One UI 6.1 is on the horizon for these Samsung warriors. Samsung’s cooking up this feature update for its Galaxy family, focusing on the flagship and premium mid-range models. It made its grand entrance with the Galaxy S24 series, flaunting some snazzy new AI features. The big question is, how many of these AI tricks will the Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy S23 FE learn? Stay tuned, folks. The rollout details are coming.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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