Future possibility of Google Messages showing profiles.


  • Google Messages might let you see users’ profiles
  • Google Messages is looking to make the messaging experience more personal
  • Strings found in APK deep-dive point to customization of profile settings
  • Enabling profiles in Google Messages would allow automatic display of contact profile pictures

Google Messages Adding New Features

Google has been updating its messaging app with new features, and one potential addition is the ability to view people’s profiles. This was discovered through an APK deep-dive, so it’s not officially confirmed by Google yet. The feature could still undergo changes or be removed altogether, but stay tuned for updates.

Viewing User Profiles

Even though Google isn’t a social media company, it still has user profiles that display a picture and information. Currently, you can only view your own profile in Google Messages by tapping your profile picture. However, the hidden code suggests that the app might soon allow users to view other people’s profiles, customize profile settings, and see contacts’ profile pictures automatically.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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