Galaxy S24 and S24+ Expected to Receive Price Cut

Samsung‘s Galaxy S24 flagships might be cheaper than the S23 in Europe. That’s if the leaks are right. The smaller two models, all storage variants, are expected to see a price drop. But the 256GB Ultra model? That might cost more.


Well, it’s probably due to the RAM upgrade from 8GB to 12GB. The Plus model is also getting a RAM boost, from 8GB to 12GB. But here’s the kicker – the rumored switch to the Exynos chipset might have let Samsung lower the price.

Galaxy S24 prices dropping in Europe?

Could be. Remember, Samsung shipped the Galaxy S23 series with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. Globally, that is. The smaller two models and the 256GB Ultra came with 8GB RAM. The 512GB and 1TB storage variants? Those had 12GB RAM.

This year, Samsung is making a change.

The Plus and Ultra models are getting 12GB RAM as standard. The vanilla Galaxy S24? That’s still at 8GB RAM.

Samsung is also rumored to be using the Exynos 2400 processor on the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ in Europe. The Ultra, though, is getting the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 globally. The switch to the in-house Exynos processor has apparently lowered the BOM (bill of materials) cost for the former duo.

And guess what?

Samsung seems to be passing the savings on to customers. Reliable tipster Roland Quandt says the phones will be €50 cheaper than their predecessors.

The vanilla Galaxy S24 is rumored to be priced at €899 for the 128GB storage variant and €959 for the 256GB variant. The Plus model? Samsung might charge €1,149 for 256GB storage and €1,269 for 512GB storage.

But hold on.

If you want the 256GB Galaxy S24 Ultra, you might have to pay €1,449. That’s €50 more than the 2023 model. The 512GB and 1TB variants? Those will cost €1,569 and €1,809, respectively. That’s a €10 price cut.

Now, these aren’t official prices. Samsung won’t share the pricing details of the new flagships before launch. But the figures come from reliable tipster Roland Quandt via X. While the source says the prices are specifically for Italy, we expect similar figures in most European countries.

Dutch publication GalaxyClub reported the same prices for the Galaxy S24 trio last week.

Samsung’s new flagships are aggressively priced.

If the Galaxy S24 series arrives with this pricing in Europe, it would be a bold move from Samsung. The new flagships don’t bring many hardware upgrades but there are plenty of new software features to look forward to. The company has baked AI into the system, delivering unparalleled on-device AI capabilities.

How will Samsung price the phones in other markets?

That remains to be seen. There are rumors about a price increase in its homeland, South Korea.

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