Galaxy S24 Higher Storage Variants May Cost More

Samsung‘s gearing up to unveil the Galaxy S24 series on January 17. We’ve got some leaks about specs and AI features, but pricing details? Not so much. There’s been some chatter about a price cut, but nothing’s confirmed yet. A recent report hints at a price hike in certain markets, but it’s not a uniform increase. The base storage versions of the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ might not see any price change.

Now, let’s talk about the possibility of a price increase for some Galaxy S24 variants. A few weeks ago, Korean media reported that Samsung doesn’t plan to hike the Galaxy S24 prices over the Galaxy S23. The goal? Make the new flagships more attractive and potentially boost sales. Samsung’s betting big on on-device AI and some hardware upgrades are also in the pipeline. For instance, the Plus model is getting a RAM upgrade from 8GB to 12GB. The Ultra? It’s getting a titanium frame.

Fast forward two weeks, a new report drops. It hints at a price drop for the smaller two models in Europe. The Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ are rumored to see a €50 cut across the board. The Galaxy S24 Ultra, however, might cost more than its predecessor—specifically the 256GB variant, which goes from 8GB to 12GB RAM. The 512GB variant, with no change in RAM, would cost the same as the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

But wait, there’s more. A fresh report from Korea says something different. It gives us detailed pricing for each storage variant of the three Samsung flagships. According to this report, the 256GB Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ will cost KRW 1,155,000 and KRW 1,353,000, respectively—same as the 2023 models. But, their 512GB variants will see a price increase of KRW 22,000 (roughly $17), costing KRW 1,298,000 and KRW 1,496,000, respectively.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra might see a bigger price increase in Samsung’s homeland. The 256GB variant is rumored to cost KRW 1,698,400 in South Korea, KRW 99,000 (~$75) more than the 256GB Galaxy S23 Ultra. For 512GB of storage, you’ll have to pay KRW 1,841,400, which is KRW 121,000 (~$92) more than the corresponding storage variant of the 2023 Ultra model. As for the 1TB variant? No word on pricing yet.

While we’re all waiting for the official announcement of the Galaxy S24 series, we do know that Samsung’s planning to introduce some groundbreaking AI features with its new flagships. They’ve integrated AI tools into the system, offering several on-device AI functionalities. From cameras and the gallery to Samsung Notes and the system call app, you’ll find AI features everywhere. Will Samsung’s bet on AI pay off and help boost its flagship sales? Only time will tell.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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