Galaxy S24 Launch Scheduled for January 17 in San Francisco


1. Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy S24 series at its next Galaxy Unpacked event on January 17 in San Francisco, US.
2. The launch date for the Galaxy S24 series is being moved forward by about two weeks compared to the Galaxy S23 series, which debuted on February 1 this year.
3. The sluggish performance of Samsung’s semiconductor division is prompting an early launch of the Galaxy S24 series.
4. The Galaxy S23 FE will be released in South Korea on December 1, following its earlier launch in India and gradual release in other markets.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Unveiling Date Set for January 17

Samsung has confirmed that its next Galaxy Unpacked event, where it will reveal the Galaxy S24 series, will take place on January 17 in San Francisco. This aligns with rumors of an earlier launch compared to previous Galaxy S phones, which usually debut in February. The event marks a return to the US for Samsung after the last major Galaxy Unpacked event in South Korea, which showcased the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Galaxy S24 Release Date and Early Launch Reasons

While the exact release date for the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra was not disclosed, based on Samsung’s history, the flagship trio will likely hit the global market on February 2, 2024. Pre-orders are expected to begin immediately after the Unpacked event, with general sales opening on the third Friday after the launch. This earlier launch is reportedly motivated by underperformance in Samsung’s semiconductor division, which experienced its first losses in 14 years in 2023. The company hopes to mitigate the impact by accelerating the release of its S-series flagships next year.

Galaxy S23 FE Launch in South Korea

Following the release of the Galaxy S23 FE in India and other markets, Samsung is now preparing to launch the Fan Edition handset in South Korea on December 1. Priced at KRW 800,000 (approximately $600), the Galaxy S23 FE is expected to be well-received in its home country.

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