Galaxy S24 Series AOD Dim and Yellowish Tone Issue

So, there’s been some chatter over at SamMobile. They’ve been poking around the Galaxy S24 series and, well, they’ve stumbled upon a few quirks. Specifically, they’re not all that jazzed about the display’s quirks. It seems the Always On Display (AOD) is a tad dimmer than what we’ve seen before. And the “Vivid” color profile? It’s kinda lost its zest across the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Turns out, the “Vivid” setting doesn’t pop as much as the “Natural” one. Go figure.

Now, about that AOD. It’s dimmer on the Galaxy S24. Like, noticeably dimmer compared to the older siblings in the Galaxy family, the S22 and S23 series. And this dimness? It sticks around whether you’re showing off the new AOD wallpaper mode or sticking with the classic setup. The folks at SamMobile are tossing around the idea that maybe, just maybe, this is a battery-saving move. But, let’s be real, if you can’t sneak a peek at your display in the sunshine, what’s the point?

Oh, and before I forget, Samsung might just have a trick up its sleeve. They could be planning to smooth over these color profile and AOD wrinkles with a software update down the line.

Diving deeper into the AOD saga, there’s this yellow tint that’s decided to crash the party. Doesn’t matter if you’re using the AOD wallpaper, Eye Comfort Shield, or Adaptive Color Tone settings. This yellowish gatecrasher is raising eyebrows. Is it a feature, or is it a bug? That’s the million-dollar question.

The Galaxy S24 series rocks the same Super AMOLED display color profiles as its forebears – “Vivid” and “Natural.” But here’s the kicker: early birds have noticed that the gap in saturation between these two profiles isn’t as wide as it used to be. In fact, the “Vivid” option seems to have taken a chill pill compared to earlier models. This shift has left some folks wondering if the series will live up to the hype in the color department.

Despite these color calibration and AOD oddities, SamMobile’s crew points out that the Super AMOLED screens on the Galaxy S24 series still manage to dazzle when it counts. Brightness, it seems, isn’t an issue when you really need it.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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