Galaxy S24 Series Surpasses S23’s Pre-Sale Record

The Galaxy S24 Series started taking pre-orders on January 19th. It’s been a hit, with tons of folks rushing to secure their new device.

Despite the lack of significant hardware upgrades, Samsung Galaxy enthusiasts are all over this series. A recent report reveals that the Galaxy S24 has shattered the pre-order record previously held by its predecessors.

Missed the pre-order window for the Galaxy S24? No worries. General sales kick off on January 31st. That’s next Wednesday, folks. So, if you’re itching to get your hands on the new phone, the wait is almost over.

Wondering about the price? The base Galaxy S24 starts at a cool $799.

Let’s talk about the Galaxy S24 series pre-order records. Samsung Galaxy S phones have seen a steady increase in pre-sale numbers over the past few years. This is despite the lack of major design innovations.

Regardless, the Galaxy S24 phones are a hit. Samsung has announced a bunch of AI features that will come pre-loaded on these phones. We’re talking text generation, translation, and other handy tools. Plus, these phones will debut the intriguing Circle to search feature, which will eventually roll out to other models.

Sales numbers? The Galaxy S24 series sold a whopping 1.21 million units during the pre-order period. That’s a slight increase from the Galaxy S23 series’ 1.09 million units. It’s clear that Galaxy phone pre-orders are on the rise, with the Galaxy S22 series selling 1.01 million units and the Galaxy S21 series selling 800,000 units.

So, despite the lack of hardware innovation, the Galaxy S24 phones are a hit.

Which model took the top spot? No surprises here. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the winner, accounting for a massive 60% of the pre-orders. This model appeals to those who crave a large display and those who still want to use a Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy S24+ came in second, making up 21% of the pre-orders. This model brought some upgrades over the Galaxy S23+, including a sharper QHD+ display.

Finally, the base Galaxy S24 made up 19% of the pre-orders. It seems that Galaxy phone owners prefer larger phones with more storage and RAM, despite the higher price tags.

In conclusion, the Galaxy S24 series is set to be one of the most powerful and popular devices of 2024. The year has just started, and we’re all eager to see what other exciting devices will challenge these phones.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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