Galaxy S24 Ultra Offers Improved 10x Zoom Photos and 5x 8K Videos

Samsung‘s all set for the Galaxy S24 launch on January 17. They’re hyping up their new flagships, big time. They’re boasting about the new AI capabilities, especially the AI-powered cameras. They’re promising never-seen-before clarity in zoom shots, thanks to AI. This is particularly true for the Ultra model.

A recent leak has given us a sneak peek into what Samsung’s got planned. The new zoom camera can record 8K videos. That’s right, 8K!

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has undergone a significant camera hardware makeover this year. The 10MP 10x zoom camera? It’s been replaced with a 50MP 5x lens. The high-resolution sensor in the new zoom camera can now record 8K videos at 5x magnification. This was revealed by tipster Ahmed Qwaider.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, in comparison, can only record 4K videos with its zoom camera.

The 200MP main camera of the 2023 model can capture 8K videos. But, the quality drops when you zoom in unless you’re okay with 4K resolution. So, this change seems to have improved the overall camera experience of Samsung’s top-of-the-line flagship.

Worried about shorter optical zoom capabilities (5x instead of 10)? Samsung’s using AI to match 10x optical zoom quality with in-sensor crop from the 5x lens.

This was confirmed by another reputed leakster, Ice Universe. They claim the Galaxy S24 Ultra captures better 10x zoom shots than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. “Many people are pessimistic about the quality of 10x photos taken by S24 Ultra… I was pessimistic [too]… until I saw the comparison of samples,” the tipster said.

According to the same post from Ahmed Qwaider, Samsung’s Single Take function will work even at 10x zoom. Single Take captures multiple photos and short videos of a scene at once. You can check the results and keep the best shots.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s 5x zoom camera will also be available in Portrait Mode. So, if you want to capture a close-up portrait, the new Samsung flagship can do it for you.

But that’s not all. Samsung’s Galaxy AI built into the Galaxy S24 lineup isn’t just for camera enhancements. The company has also prepared AI-powered photo and video editing tools, AI call translation in real-time, AI wallpapers, AI lockscreen effects, and more.

Some of these features will be available offline, while others work online and require an internet connection. You may also have to sign in with a Samsung or Google account.

Samsung has integrated these AI features into One UI 6.1, the new version of its custom software that will debut with the Galaxy S24 series. It will push the latest version to older flagships via a software update.

It remains to be seen if the new AI features make it into those phones. The company may start rolling out the updates once the new flagships arrive on the market. Rumors suggest Samsung will open general sales of the Galaxy S24 lineup on January 30.

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