Galaxy S24 Ultra rumored to exclude 10x zoom camera


1. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra may not feature a 10x optical zoom camera.
2. If this rumor is true, it would be a surprising decision by Samsung as previous Ultra flagships have had a 10x optical zoom camera.
3. There have been rumors of the Galaxy S24 Ultra featuring variable zoom instead of a 10x lens.
4. Rumors suggest that the 3x optical zoom camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra may have an upgraded resolution of 50MP.
5. The Galaxy S24 lineup is expected to be unveiled in January 2024.

A Shocking Rumor about the Galaxy S24 Ultra

A rumor has surfaced regarding the Galaxy S24 Ultra, claiming that it may lack a 10x optical zoom camera. Ice Universe, a well-known tipster, first shared this information but later deleted the post. However, he later confirmed the absence of the 10x lens and expressed concern about the S24 Ultra’s removal of this camera feature.

The Impact of a Missing 10x Zoom Camera

If this rumor is true, it would be a surprising decision by Samsung. The 10x zoom camera has been a defining feature of their Ultra flagships since the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This camera technology sets Samsung apart from its competitors, and it is difficult to imagine them removing such a major feature.

While the source of the rumor has a decent track record, it is important to approach this information with caution. It is possible that Samsung will replace the 10x lens with something even better. There are also rumors of the Galaxy S24 Ultra introducing variable zoom, which would offer optical zoom at various magnification levels.

Additionally, there are speculations about upgrading the 3x optical zoom camera from 10MP to 50MP resolution on the Galaxy S24 Ultra. The other two rear cameras may remain unchanged. The primary shooter is expected to have a 200MP resolution with some optimizations, while the ultrawide lens will retain its 12MP resolution. Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy S24 lineup in January 2024.

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