Galaxy S24 Ultra vs iPhone 15 Pro Max Drop Test Comparison

Samsung‘s Galaxy S24 Ultra just hit the shelves. And wow, it’s a stunner. Some say it’s the best Android phone out there right now. It’s got everything. “Near perfect,” they whisper. And naturally, it’s being sized up against the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Cameras, battery life, performance – you name it, they’re comparing it. There’s this YouTuber, right? Pitted them in a drop test. The results? Absolutely fascinating.

So, about that drop test. The Galaxy S24 Ultra and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, they’re kinda like twins in build quality. Both rock a titanium frame. Both flaunt a flat display. Remember when Samsung’s Ultras were all about that curve? Not anymore. And there’s this new Gorilla Armor glass. Supposed to be tougher than the old stuff. The iPhone’s a bit lighter, tipping the scales at 221 grams. The Galaxy? A heftier 232 grams. Does that make a difference? Let’s dive in.

The showdown was epic. Four rounds, courtesy of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff. Round one: a 1.4-meter drop, back first, onto concrete. Both phones’ back glasses shattered. Ouch. The Galaxy S24 Ultra took it harder, looking worse for wear. That Gorilla Armor glass? Didn’t seem to matter much. The whole panel cracked.

And the Galaxy’s camera lenses? They took a beating, making the iPhone the champ of round one. But hey, both phones still worked. So, on to round two. This time, they dropped on their corners from the same height. A few dents here and there, but nothing stopped working. The iPhone’s rear glass lost a few pieces, but the round? A draw.

Round three was brutal. Dropped on their screens, both phones’ front glasses shattered. The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s damage was more severe. Cracks sprawled over the selfie camera and the new under-display fingerprint scanner, which then failed. Still, both phones hung in there, functional but flawed. The Galaxy, though, now sported a permanent glare in its selfie shots. Round three went to the iPhone, widening its lead.

But then came the bonus round. The ultimate test. Dropping them face down onto steel, not once but ten times. Or until they gave up. After the first drop, both phones looked worse, yet they kept on ticking. The iPhone, though, started showing signs of defeat. A pink line appeared on its display after the second drop. By the seventh, its screen went completely white.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra? It soldiered on. Sure, it picked up a white strip on its display, but it stayed responsive. After all ten drops, it was still going, albeit with some serious battle scars. The final score? Galaxy wins, 37 to 36. Want to see it all go down? Check out the full video below.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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