Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition: A Nostalgic Tribute to Benz


1. Samsung is planning to release a special version of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 called the Retro Edition.
2. The Retro Edition is a commemoration of Samsung’s famous “Benz Phone” from 2003, known for its sleek design and success in sales.
3. The Retro Edition will feature a dark blue and silver color combination, reminiscent of the Benz Phone.
4. The Retro Edition is set to launch on November 1, 2023, and will have limited availability through select Samsung stores in South Korea. The price and availability outside of South Korea are still unknown.

##Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition: A Tribute to the Famous “Benz Phone”

Samsung is set to release a special version of the Galaxy Z Flip 5, known as the Retro Edition. This unique edition pays homage to Samsung’s iconic “Benz Phone” from 2003. Leaked renders of the phone reveal a blue rear panel and silver aluminum frame with a matte finish, reminiscent of the color combination found on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 last year.

##The Legacy of the “Benz Phone”

The “Benz Phone,” also known as the SGH-E700, was a flip phone that made waves in the market when it was released 20 years ago. Named as “the Mercedes Benz of cell phones” by a Norwegian newspaper, it gained popularity due to its sleek design. It was also the first Samsung phone to feature an internal antenna and an OLED color panel for capturing selfies using the rear camera. With these features, the “Benz Phone” became a global success, selling over ten million units worldwide.

##The Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition: A Nostalgic Throwback

The upcoming limited-edition Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition will showcase the same dark blue and silver color combination as the “Benz Phone.” This nostalgic design will appeal to those who used the 2003 model. It remains unclear why Samsung chose this particular throwback, but it may be a bid to achieve the milestone of selling ten million units with the Galaxy Z Flip 5. More details about the Retro Edition are expected to be unveiled during its launch, which is reportedly happening next week.

##Launch Date, Price, and Availability

According to reports from the Korean media, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 Retro Edition will be released on November 1, 2023. It will be available in limited quantity through Samsung’s Gangnam flagship store and a pop-up store in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. The phone will also be sold on Samsung’s online store. Information about the price and availability of the Retro Edition outside of South Korea has yet to be announced. The standard Galaxy Z Flip 5 is priced at $999 and can be purchased globally. We will provide more updates on the Retro Edition as soon as they become available.

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