Google Assistant’s Android Auto Redesign Enhances Voice Replies

Google‘s got something new up its sleeve. It’s a fresh redesign for Google Assistant on Android Auto. Users, get ready for an updated, slick experience.

The redesign? It’s got changes to the “listening” UI. You know, that tag that pops up with “Hi, how can I help you?” when you’re not immediately chatting away. Once you start talking, the Assistant gets busy. It transcribes your speech along the bottom bar, replacing those app icons.

Voice replies are getting a makeover too. They’ll appear in any space not occupied by maps in Android Auto. This new design is part of the Android Auto version 11.2 update. It’s currently available in beta and expected to roll out to all users in the coming weeks.

This latest redesign is another step in the evolving look of Google Assistant on Android Auto. The platform has seen various designs over the years. The latest design, in place since August 2023, is now being replaced by a more refined and user-friendly interface. The “listening” UI at the bottom bar gives a visual indication of Assistant’s activity. As users speak, the transcription appears. This visual enhancement aims to streamline the user experience and make voice interaction more intuitive.

Google’s also changed how voice replies work on Android Auto. Previously, voice replies were integrated into the unused space on the screen, often competing with map displays. With the new design, voice replies find a dedicated space not utilized by maps. It ensures a cleaner and more organized layout. The redesign includes a “Speak now” prompt for transcribing messages, accompanied by “Cancel” and “Send” buttons. Contact details and app icons are also displayed for added context, creating a more user-friendly and visually appealing interface.

These changes align with Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the Android Auto experience. The redesign is part of Android Auto version 11.2, which is currently available in beta. It is expected to roll out to all users in the coming weeks. The update prepares the platform for upcoming features, such as AI message summaries and more contextual auto-replies, which were previewed in a recent video.

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