Google Chat’s Familiar New Conversation Screen


1. Google Chat has undergone a revamp to its conversation screen, making it look similar to Google Messages.
2. This change includes the use of message bubbles and a unified look for all messages, with the sender’s messages appearing in the user’s color palette.
3. The revamp also introduces a squiggly line to indicate unread messages, similar to the feature in Google Messages.
4. It is currently unclear when this new look will be rolled out for the apps, but it is already live on the web version of Google Chat.

Google Chat Revamps Conversation Screen to Resemble Google Messages

Google Chat has recently undergone a significant redesign to its conversation screen, resembling the look of Google Messages. The decision to model Chats after Messages helps create a unified appearance across both platforms.

For those unfamiliar with these apps, Google Chat is an internet-based messaging platform that allows communication between users with Google accounts, similar to apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. On the other hand, Google Messages serves as the standard SMS/RCS messaging app for communicating with contacts.

The revamp of Google Chat’s conversation screen is a welcomed change that improves the chatting experience. Previously, messages were displayed above the background, aligned to the left of the screen. Now, each message has its own bubble, with outgoing messages aligned to the right. Additionally, the color palette distinguishes your messages in color while other users’ messages appear in gray.

Furthermore, Google Chat has adopted the visual indicator from Google Messages—a squiggly line stretching across the screen to signify unread messages. This addition makes it easier to identify which messages have not been read.

The similarity in appearance between Google Chat and Google Messages contributes to a more cohesive and unified look. At present, it is unclear when this new design will be implemented in the apps, but it is already live on the web version of Google Chat.

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