Google Develops Ultra HDR Support for Third-Party Apps

Oh, the Google Pixel 8 series dropped in October, and guess what? It brought Ultra HDR images to the party for Android 14 devices. Suddenly, capturing those bright, dynamic shots became a whole lot easier. And, not wanting to be left in the dust, Samsung‘s Galaxy S24 series jumped on the bandwagon. They announced that big-name social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram were all in for Ultra HDR on their shiny new phones.

Then, there’s Mishaal Rahman. This Android whiz found some juicy tidbits suggesting Google’s plotting to spread the Ultra HDR love to third-party camera apps. How? Through the magic of the CameraX API. So, if you’re rocking Android 14, get ready to snap some eye-popping HDR images without being tied down to your phone’s default camera app.

Oh, and about those ads popping up everywhere? Just part of the digital landscape, I guess.

Diving deeper, the whole Ultra HDR thing getting cozy with the CameraX API is big news. Rahman’s sleuthing hints that soon, apps tapping into CameraX will dish out images in the fancy new JPEG_R format. That’s Ultra HDR to you and me.

Here’s a thought: Imagine using your go-to third-party camera app without missing out on the JPEG_R format. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

This isn’t just a win for your favorite social and messaging apps. It’s a game-changer for all those third-party camera apps out there. Android 14 users, you’re in for a treat. A wider array of apps will soon harness the power of Ultra HDR, making your photos more lifelike across the board.

Now, the big question: Which phones will get this cool feature? That’s still up in the air. But one thing’s for sure—bringing Ultra HDR support to the CameraX API is a step in the right direction. It’s all about making HDR tech more common in our smartphones, showing Google’s dedication to a better user experience and pushing the Android ecosystem forward.

To wrap it up, Google’s move to bless third-party camera apps with Ultra HDR via the CameraX API is a boon for photography buffs. Keep your lenses ready!

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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