Google Discover Air Quality Updates


1. Google is now displaying the air quality index (AQI) in the Google Discover feed, providing users with an easy way to check the air quality in their area.
2. Other methods to access the AQI include using the At a Glance widget on a Pixel phone and viewing it on Google Maps as one of the map layers.
3. The AQI tiles on the Google Discover feed are on a carousel and can be swiped to view. The number and dot next to it indicate the air quality, with green indicating safe, red indicating unsafe, and yellow indicating moderate.
4. Users have the option to customize their Google Discover feed by tapping the edit button on the carousel and unchecking the AQI, as well as other sections such as weather, sports, and finances.

Air Quality Index Now Available on Google Discover

The air quality index (AQI) of our area is often overlooked, but Google is making it easier than ever to check on the quality of the air we breathe. According to a new report, the Google Discover feed will now show you the air quality in your area.

Multiple Ways to View AQI

Google already offers several ways for you to view the AQI in your area. If you own a Pixel phone, you can access this information through your At a Glance widget, located on the top left of your home screen. You can customize the widget’s settings to display your AQI.

Additionally, you can see the AQI on Google Maps as one of the map layers. By examining these methods, you can determine the air quality in your specific location.

Accessing the Google Discover Feed

To see the air quality in your area, simply access the Google Discover feed. You can do this by opening the Google app or swiping to the right on your phone’s home screen (if enabled). In this feed, you will find the latest headlines on topics you’re interested in, along with tiles displaying the current weather, sports, and finances.

AQI Displayed on Carousel

As part of an upcoming update, Google is now rolling out the AQI feature on the Discover feed. The AQI tiles are displayed on a carousel, requiring you to swipe to see them. Each tile will show the number representing the air quality, along with a corresponding dot. A green dot indicates safe air to breathe, a red dot represents unsafe air, and a yellow dot signifies moderate air quality.

Customize Your Feed

If you prefer not to see the AQI, simply tap on the edit button located on the far right of the carousel. From there, you can uncheck the AQI option, as well as customize your preferences for weather, sports, and finances.

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