Google Drive collaborator filter now available for users


  • Users can now search for files within Google Drive by using the names of the collaborators within the file
  • Before this update, users were limited to the search filters they could use while looking for files
  • This new filter brings more control over the access to documents that users are looking for at a given time
  • Users can type in the name of the collaborator within the file for quick access to all files that the person or people have been added to as collaborators

Google Drive Update: Collaborator Search

If you use Google Drive, you can now search for files using the collaborator feature thanks to a recent app update. This feature allows users to add others to a document or file with varying levels of access. With the update, users can easily find files by searching for the collaborators who have access to them.

How It Works

Users can add people to files as editors, commenters, or viewers with no control privileges. Now, users can search for files by typing in the name of a collaborator and the files the person has access to will appear. This is a convenient way to find documents, especially if users forget the file title.

New Filter for Specific Files

Google Drive users previously had limited search filters, such as time of edit and document type. Now, a new filter called “people” is available for documents that have collaborators. This filter allows users to narrow their search to specific files with the names of collaborators within them.

Accessing the Feature

Users can access the new search filter in the Drive app, located between the “type” and “modified” search filters. By tapping on the filter, a drop-down with a mini search bar appears, allowing users to type in the name of the collaborator for quick access to the files they are associated with.


Some users have already noticed this feature as of November 9th. For those who have not yet accessed it, updating the Drive app may provide access to the new collaborator search feature.

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