Google Drive Testing Two-Page View for Larger Screens


1. Google has been working on improving its apps and services for larger screens, with Google Drive being the next app to receive changes and optimizations.
2. Google Drive is testing out a two-page view for larger screens, specifically optimized for tablets and foldable phones.
3. This change aims to make using Google Drive on tablets easier, as many smartphone apps do not work well on tablet screens.
4. The new two-page view allows users to open documents in a side-by-side view, resembling reading a book, and swipe through the pages.

Google Drive Testing Two-Page View for Larger Screens

Since late 2021, Google has been working to improve its apps and services for larger screens. Google Drive is the latest app to receive some attention, with a two-page view feature being tested for tablets and foldable phones.

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Enhancing the Android Tablet Experience

Android tablet users have learned the hard way that smartphone apps often lack functionality on larger screens. To address this, Google has been making significant changes to apps like Docs and Gmail, aiming to improve the tablet experience. Google Drive is now receiving a helpful update. However, it is important to note that this feature is currently in the beta testing phase and might not be released to the public.

Google Drive’s Two-Page View

The latest beta build of the Google Drive app includes a two-page view feature for documents. Instead of stretching a single page across the screen in landscape mode, the update allows for side-by-side viewing. With this change, reading documents, such as PDF files, becomes much more convenient.

Easy Access to the Feature

To access the two-page view in the document viewer, simply tap on the button located before the three-dot menu in version 2.23.407.1 of the Google Drive app. This button will enable the two-page layout, allowing users to swipe through the document similar to reading a book on the Kindle app or Google Play Books. There is no need to adjust any settings or enable additional flags. Users can try out the feature by downloading the latest APK from APK Mirror.

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