Google Guided Frame Ad to Air During Super Bowl

So, Google‘s stepping into the spotlight with a Super Bowl ad this year. They’re showcasing something pretty cool: the Guided Frame feature. It’s a big deal for folks with low vision or who are blind, helping them snap those memorable shots. Originally, this tech gem was part of the Google Pixel 7 series back in 2022. But guess what? It’s now making waves in the Google Pixel 8 series too.

Here’s the kicker: it’s not just for selfies anymore. The latest Pixel phones have upped the game, letting users work magic with the rear camera too. And who better to direct the behind-the-scenes video than visually impaired filmmaker Adam Morse? He’s giving us a peek into how this feature is changing the game for users.

Now, about that ad. It’s a glimpse into how individuals are using this feature on their Pixel devices to freeze those special moments in time. But here’s a twist – the ad itself wasn’t shot with Pixel phones. Nope, they went all out with professional cameras and gear. Adam Morse had a vision. He wanted to bridge the gap between the sighted and the visually impaired. How? By smearing petroleum jelly on the camera lenses for that distorted look. Morse is all about creating an authentic experience of blindness that’s still relatable for those who can see.

Heading to the heart of it, Guided Frame is a genius at using non-visual cues. It’s helping folks with visual impairments capture those quality moments without missing a beat. Imagine your phone telling you, “Hold for a photo,” or “Move your phone down.” Plus, there’s haptic feedback and high-contrast visuals for those with partial vision. Google didn’t just whip this up in a lab. They worked hand-in-hand with blind and low-vision individuals to nail down the sensory feedback.

And in 2024, Google’s not stopping there. They’re pushing the boundaries of what Guided Frame can recognize, way beyond just people. It’s a testament to their commitment to leveraging AI for greater accessibility. Pretty neat, huh?

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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