Google Keep Magic Lists: Create AI-Powered Lists


1. Google Keep is testing generative AI in its note-taking app to introduce a new feature called Magic Lists.
2. Magic Lists will allow users to create entire lists on Google Keep with a quick prompt, similar to the “Help Me Write” button in Google Docs or Gmail.
3. Magic Lists can automate tasks such as creating a grocery list or daily to-do lists, but it may not always return accurate or helpful results.
4. Google intends to market Magic Lists as a “creative aid” rather than a rigorous assistant or research tool, acknowledging the potential for inaccuracies and bias.

## Google Keep Testing Generative AI with Magic Lists Feature

Google Keep, the popular note-taking app, may soon be equipped with generative AI through its new Magic Lists feature. A recent teardown of the Google Keep APK by 9to5Google revealed strings of code hinting at this upcoming functionality. While the APK breakdown should be taken with caution, if the feature is rolled out, Google Keep will join other Google apps in integrating built-in generative AI.

### How Google Keep Magic Lists Works

Similar to the “Help Me Write” button in Google Docs or Gmail, Magic Lists will likely include a button that appears when creating a new note. Users can enter a prompt and customize it before inserting it into the note. The prompt should consist of at least three words to properly function. This functionality is akin to “List It” in Google’s AI Test Kitchen where users can break down topics or objectives into detailed subtasks. For example, typing “I want to eat healthily” could generate subtasks such as “Create a meal plan” or “Take supplements”.

Currently, Magic Lists is not available in beta or public release. However, code within Google Keep version 5.23.422.03.90 indicates the presence of the feature with the text “Insert”.

### What ‘Magic Lists’ Can Do

While the possibility of Magic Lists slowing down the app may delay its public release, it aligns with Google Keep’s purpose of capturing ideas quickly. The integration of generative AI will speed up the process. Instantly generating a grocery list with a prompt like “groceries for the week” or creating daily to-do lists and checklists are some examples of how Magic Lists can be helpful.

Despite the power of Google’s generative AI, it is still in its early stages. As a result, certain prompts may not yield any results. A message buried in the APK file suggests that Google is still learning and may not be able to assist with certain prompts.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the information and ideas generated by Google Keep may not always be accurate or unbiased. Therefore, Google plans to position the feature as a “creative aid” rather than a meticulous assistant or research tool. Nevertheless, Magic Lists has the potential to automate mundane and repetitive tasks.

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