Google Maps Introduces New Color Palette


  • Google Maps is rolling out a new updated color palette, with changes to road, water, and park colors
  • Users can try updating their app to see if they have access to the new color palette
  • There are no functionality changes or added features other than the updated color scheme
  • For more information on what you can do with Google Maps, check out a list of interesting features

Google Maps brings a new color palette

We’re all used to the general aesthetic of Google Maps. However, all things must change at some point. According to a new report, Google is rolling out a new updated color palette to Google Maps. This has been in testing for several weeks, so there are people who’ve had this new color palette for quite some time. Now, the company is rolling it out to the rest of its users. Try updating your app to see if you have access to it.
Go to the Google Play Store and find Google Maps. You can also access this screen on most phones by going through the App Info screen. There, if you see the advertisement update button, tap it and wait for it to install. If you still don’t see it, then you’ll just want to wait a bit.
There are some subtle changes to the overall color scheme of the app, and you’ll notice that with the roads first. Before, roads would appear yellow, but now they’ve been replaced with a blueish-gray color. If you’re looking at freeways, you’ll see a darker shade of gray that will make them contrast the other roads.
Other than the roads, there are some other changes. The water is a different shade of blue. It’s closer to teal. Parks are also a lighter shade of green, which makes them a little harder to see, actually.
There was probably no reason to make these changes other than the fact that you have to switch things up every now and then. Other than the colors, there were no other changes. So, there are no functionality changes or added features. If you use Google Maps often, then you should read our rundown of some cool things you can do with Google Maps. It’s a list of some interesting things you can do on this platform that you might not have noticed. Who knows, you might find your new favorite feature!

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