Google Messages Developing Selfie GIFs Feature

Hey, guess what? Google Messages is cooking up something cool. It’s a new feature called Selfie GIFs, as spotted by TheSpAndroid. This nifty little thing lets you send a quick 4-second video as a rounded GIF. Talk about adding some pizzazz to your chats!

Google hasn’t made an official announcement yet. But it seems like they’re actively working on it. It’s all about giving users a fun, animated way to express themselves.

Now, this feature is currently tucked away under the flag – @bugle.enable_selfie_gifs. Normally, you’d need to root your device to enable flags with apps like GappsMod and GMS Flags. But hey, if you’re a Samsung user, you’re in luck. Google has a separate build of its Messages app for Samsung devices. So, you can enable hidden flags in beta versions without messing with your Galaxy phone. Neat, huh?

Once you’ve activated the flag, it’s pretty simple. Just long-press the camera icon and voila! A new UI pops up with a rounded camera frame smack in the middle. You can easily switch between front and rear cameras. After a 3-second countdown, it starts recording a 4-second video. After that, you can preview your ‘Selfie GIF’. Then it’s up to you – send the GIF or go for a retake to get your expression just right.

Google Messages has been rolling out updates to make text conversations more engaging. Remember in December when they introduced screen effects and custom backgrounds? Yeah, that was cool.

This new addition follows Google’s recent unveiling of a refreshed contacts page. It features the Material You carousel and a bunch of enhancements in the Pixel Feature Drop for compatible Pixel devices. Speaking of which, the Pixel Feature Drop brought features like Video Boost to the Google Pixel 8 Pro. It improved video playback and even introduced an enhanced Photo Unblur feature.

As the development of Selfie GIFs in Google Messages continues, users can look forward to a fun and entertaining addition to their messaging toolkit. So, stay tuned!

Credit: TheSpAndroid.

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Craig Diaz
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