Google Messages offering noise cancellation for voice notes


  • Google Messages is working to implement new features such as noise cancellation in voice notes, markdown text formatting, color and wallpaper options, profile sharing, and more
  • The goal is to stay competitive with third-party messaging services like WhatsApp by offering tons of features and customization options
  • The beta version of Google Messages includes a “Noise Cancellation” button to minimize background noise during voice recordings, enhancing communication
  • Other upcoming features in Google Messages include markdown text formatting, color and wallpaper options, and profile sharing, with potential discoverability options for enhanced visibility on the platform

Google Messages Beta Version

A beta version of Google Messages now includes the ability to cancel out background noise in voice notes. Google is also working on features like markdown text formatting, color and wallpaper options, profile sharing, and more.

Noise Cancellation Feature

In the context of voice messaging, Google Messages will soon help you tackle the background noise. The beta version now includes a “Noise Cancellation” button that users can tap on to minimize background noise during voice recordings. This ensures clearer and more effective communication for Google Messages. Now you can be confident with your voice notes even in a not-so-quiet place.

Other Features

Google Messages is set to embrace some other useful features, one of which is the markdown text formatting. While only a limited set of markdowns are currently operational in the beta version of Google Messages, this is expected to expand in the future. Google appears committed to refining the user experience in Messages, with recent additions like color and wallpaper options. These features will provide users with a more personalized touch. Moreover, Google is experimenting with profile options for Messages, offering users the ability to create shareable profiles with personal details.

Testing Phase

It’s worth noting that these features are currently in the testing phase, and their integration into the stable version of Messages is yet to be confirmed by Google.

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