Google Pixel 8 Pro Undergoes JerryRigEverything’s Torture Test


1. The Google Pixel 8 Pro underwent a durability test and performed well, passing the bend test without any significant damage.
2. Durability tests are important because they simulate potential real-life situations that could happen to phones, such as accidentally dropping them or sitting on them.
3. The fact that Google promises to update the Pixel 8 series for the next 7 years makes the durability test even more significant for potential buyers who plan to keep their phones for a long time.
4. The full torture test video can be watched to see how well the Google Pixel 8 Pro performed in various tests.

##The Google Pixel 8 Pro’s Durability Test: How Well Does It Stand Up?

The Google Pixel 8 Pro was recently released and is now available for purchase at various retailers, including Best Buy. However, one question that remained unanswered was how well the Pixel 8 Pro would perform under torture. Luckily, Zack from JerryRigEverything conducted a durability test on the new phone to shed some light on its resilience.

The durability test demonstrated how the Pixel 8 Pro holds up against various challenges, including being bent. Historically, Google phones have not fared well in bend tests. Surprisingly, the Pixel 8 Pro passed this test with ease, showing minimal signs of damage apart from some creaking caused by an old wooden chair. This is a significant improvement for Google, as the Pixel 8 Pro outperformed the iPhone 15 Pro Max in this particular aspect.

The Importance of Durability Tests

One might wonder why durability tests matter if most users are unlikely to purposely subject their phones to extreme conditions. The reality is that we never truly know what may happen to our phones. Accidental drops, sitting on them unintentionally, or even exposure to fire are all possibilities. Consequently, it is crucial to evaluate whether these phones can withstand such torture.

Moreover, Google has committed to providing software updates for the Pixel 8 series for the next seven years, until 2030. This means users are likely to keep these phones for an extended period. Therefore, conducting a durability test on a phone that will receive updates for such a long duration is of great significance.

To see the full torture test and how the Google Pixel 8 Pro fared, watch the video below. The phone performed exceptionally well, particularly in the bend test, exhibiting minimal movement. This is a rarity for a Google phone and is certainly notable.

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