Google Pixel phones’ safety features highlighted


1. The Google Pixel phones and watches have safety features to ensure personal safety, including sharing location with emergency services and loved ones.

2. The Personal Safety app on Pixel devices is a hub for important emergency information, allowing users to add critical medical information and share it during an emergency call.

3. The Google Pixel watch 2 has a safety feature called Scheduled Safety Checks, which notifies emergency contacts if the user fails to respond within a set time.

4. Other notable safety features on Pixel devices include Car Crash Detection, Fall Detection, and Crisis alerts, which alert users about public emergencies.

Google Pixel: Ensuring Your Personal Safety

Explore Google’s Innovative Safety Features for Your Pixel

The Google Pixel phones and watches are equipped with a range of safety features to prioritize your personal well-being. These features, available through the Personal Safety app on your Pixel device, are designed to offer assistance in various situations, whether you’re on a late-night walk home or hiking alone on the weekends. With the help of built-in AI capabilities and regular feature updates, these safety features are continually evolving and improving.

Personal Safety App: Your Hub for Emergency Information

One of the key safety features of the Pixel is its Personal Safety app, which serves as a central hub for important emergency information. By adding critical medical details such as your blood type to the app, you can choose to display them on your lock screen, ensuring that first responders are aware of your medical needs during an emergency. Furthermore, you can opt-in to automatically share this information during emergency calls, providing vital details upfront.

Scheduled Safety Checks for Your Peace of Mind

The Google Pixel watch 2 introduced an important safety feature known as Scheduled Safety Checks. This feature allows you to keep your loved ones updated about your activities and well-being. Simply set a time interval between 1 minute to 8 hours, and if you fail to respond within that timeframe, the app will notify your selected emergency contacts. You also have the option to mark yourself as safe at any time before the check ends, preventing unnecessary notifications.

Car Crash Detection, Fall Detection, and Crisis Alerts

Pixel devices offer additional safety features like Car Crash Detection and Fall Detection. In the event of a hard fall, your Pixel watch will prompt you to confirm your well-being before calling emergency services. Similarly, Car Crash Detection uses advanced technology to recognize potential car accidents and initiate prompt assistance.

The Crisis Alerts feature is another notable addition to the Pixel safety features. It keeps you informed about public emergencies in your vicinity, such as floods, through the Personal Safety app.

Easy Access Through Voice Commands and Intuitive Interfaces

With voice commands and user-friendly interfaces, accessing these safety features on your Pixel device is a breeze. Prioritizing your safety has never been easier, especially when you’re in need of immediate assistance. To fully utilize these features, make sure you grant the Personal Safety app access to your location.

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