Google Reveals Measures Against Fake Maps Reviews


  • Google Maps provides detailed information about places worldwide, with user reviews and ratings
  • Google uses automated technologies and human experts to prevent fake reviews and ensure authenticity on Maps
  • Google has special policies for sensitive locations such as polling stations, police stations, and prisons
  • The company invests in proactive measures to keep user reviews and ratings on Maps helpful and reliable

Google details its measures to prevent fake reviews on Maps

Google Maps is a powerful tool for discovering and exploring places, providing detailed information with user reviews and ratings. The company has a robust policy to ensure genuine and helpful reviews.

According to Google, over 300 million people share their experiences about more than 250 million places worldwide on Google Maps annually, adding over 20 million reviews, photos, business hour updates, and contributions daily. Automated technologies and human experts are used to catch fake reviews before they are seen by others, keeping the content authentic and reliable.

Google actively monitors user contributions on Maps to detect unusual patterns as a sign of abuse, and takes quick action to prevent further abuse. For places around sensitive events such as elections, the company limits suggestions to edit phone numbers, addresses, and factual information for voting sites to avoid spread of misinformation.

Police stations and prisons have special policies due to consistently unhelpful, harmful, or off-topic user contributions. Measures include limiting or blocking contributions altogether, with notifications sent to users when they can’t post a review. Despite limited contributions, Maps still provides addresses, websites, and phone numbers for these places. Google will continue to invest in proactive ways to keep user reviews and ratings on Maps helpful and reliable.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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