Google Seeks to Overturn Jury Verdict in Epic Lawsuit

Google‘s been caught in a legal tangle, folks. They’re practically begging a judge to flip the script on a jury’s decision in their dust-up with Epic. You know, the whole drama about Google’s Play Store being too big for its britches? Yeah, that one. The US District Judge, James Donato, sided with Epic, calling out Google for running a monopoly shop with the Play Store. Big win for Epic, huge headache for Google.

Now, if Google can’t sweet-talk Judge Donato into seeing things their way, well, they’re in a pickle. They’ve thrown a document into the ring, hoping to get the verdict tossed out. This move? Not likely to make Epic or its head honcho, Sweeney, do a happy dance. Remember Sweeney’s battle cry against Apple? He’s not one to back down easy.

In the midst of all this legal jargon, Google’s playing a double or nothing. They’re asking Donato for a redo of the trial or just to hand them the win. Donato’s playing his cards close, not giving a peep about which way he’s leaning. Google’s not out of moves yet, though.

If Donato gives Google the cold shoulder, they’re not just gonna sit in a corner and sulk. Nope, they’ve got plans to take this fight to the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals. But let’s be real, it’s a long shot, and even if they do, it’s anyone’s guess how that’ll pan out.

And get this, Google might be cooling their heels for a while, waiting on a word from the 9th Circuit Court. Could be months before they hear anything. And even then, the court might just say, “Nice try, but no cigar.”

Google’s argument? They’re claiming Epic’s got nothing solid to prove the jury’s decision from December was on the money. According to Google, Epic’s whole spiel about Google paying off developers to ignore other app stores is a bit thin. Google says those deals were just business, keeping them on top of the game, according to Epic.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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