Google Streamlines Pixel Tablet Repair Process


1. iFixit is a phone repair service that distributes genuine phone parts for users to repair their own devices.
2. Through their partnership with Google, iFixit provides access to parts for Google Pixel phones, including the Pixel Tablet.
3. The cost of repairing the Pixel Tablet can be cheaper than sending it in for professional repair, but the parts can still be expensive.
4. The screen replacement for the Pixel Tablet costs $200 and includes the selfie camera.
5. Other components, such as the back plate, battery, USB-C port, and speakers, have their own individual costs for replacement.

There are repair guides for the Pixel Tablet

You drop or damage your new $499 Pixel Tablet, but don’t worry, you have options. Instead of sending it in or replacing it, you can also fix it. According to 9To5Google, there are repair guides available to help you repair your Pixel Tablet.

Companies like Samsung and Google have partnered with iFixit, a large phone repair service. Through this partnership, iFixit distributes genuine phone parts so that users can repair their own devices. Repairing a device yourself is much cheaper than having it repaired professionally, as most of the cost goes towards the service.

This partnership also extends to the Pixel Tablet, which is great news for owners of this device. While it is still cheaper to repair your device yourself, the parts for the Pixel Tablet can be a bit pricey due to its larger size.

If you need to replace the screen, it will cost you $200, which includes the selfie camera. The back plate, which includes the power button, microphones, antennas, and volume rocker, will run you $199. Other components like the battery ($59.99), USB-C port ($24), and speakers ($25 each) also have their own prices.

If you need to replace any of these parts on your Pixel Tablet, you can use repair guides to help you through the process. These guides are easy to understand, making it possible to fix your tablet even if you lack technical knowledge.

If you’re not comfortable fixing your own device, you can still send it in to Google for professional repair.

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