Google Wallet Now Has Its Own Notifications


1. Google Wallet is getting its own notifications, separate from Google Play Services.
2. It is unclear why Google is untethering Wallet from Play Services, but more updates and changes are expected for the Wallet app.
3. A redesign is planned for the Google Wallet interface to make better use of space, with the NFC logo being removed and cards and passes filling the empty space.

Google Wallet Gets Its Own Notifications

Google Wallet, the payment app, is making some changes with the introduction of its own notifications. Previously, notifications came from Google Play Services, but now Google Wallet will send its own notifications when a purchase is made. The reason behind this change is unclear, but it is possible that Google is working on a larger update for the Wallet app. Regardless, when you receive a notification from Google Wallet, it will be accompanied by the Google Wallet icon. To disable these notifications, you will need to go through the app’s notification settings rather than Google Play Services.

More Updates Coming to Google Wallet

Google Wallet is also planning a redesign to make better use of space within the app. Currently, the app has a large amount of unused space, with the cards displayed on a horizontally scrolling carousel and an NFC icon above them. In the upcoming update, the NFC logo will be removed and the cards will fill that space. Additionally, your other passes such as gift cards and rewards cards will be displayed directly below the cards. This update will improve the interface by utilizing the available space more efficiently. The release date for this update is still unknown, but it is expected to be available soon.

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