HONOR Magic 6 Pro Introduces iPhone-inspired Feature


1. The HONOR Magic 6 Pro will feature a centered pill-shaped cutout on its display, similar to the iPhone 14 Pro series.
2. The MagicOS 8.0 skin on the HONOR Magic 6 Pro will be adapted to work with the pill-shaped cutout, offering features and animations similar to iOS.
3. The device will come pre-installed with Android 14 and retain its 3D facial scanning feature.
4. HONOR will offer its own microkernel to work with MagicOS 8.0, improving the overall user experience and power consumption.
5. HONOR has other upcoming devices, including the HONOR Magic V2 foldable and HONOR V Purse concept phone.

The HONOR Magic 6 Pro and its iPhone-inspired feature

The first information about the HONOR Magic 6 Pro has emerged, revealing a feature inspired by the iPhone. This news comes from Digital Chat Station, one of China’s most prominent tipsters.

Centered pill-shaped cutout

The HONOR Magic 6 Pro is rumored to have a centered pill-shaped cutout, unlike its predecessor, which has a cutout in the top-left corner of the display. This new design is reminiscent of the iPhone 14 Pro series.

Additionally, the tipster suggests that HONOR has adapted its MagicOS 8.0 skin to accommodate the new cutout. This means that users may expect features similar to what iOS offers.

MagicOS 8.0 aims to seamlessly integrate hardware and software, utilizing the cutout for various animations. Certain first-party apps may also be optimized for the new design, similar to Apple’s approach.

Pre-installed Android 14 with MagicOS 8.0

MagicOS 8.0, based on Android 14, will come pre-installed on the HONOR Magic 6 Pro. The device will retain its 3D facial scanning feature, which justifies the inclusion of the pill-shaped cutout.

HONOR is also expected to introduce its own microkernel, working in conjunction with MagicOS 8.0 to enhance the overall user experience and reduce power consumption.

The HONOR Magic 5 Pro was released in February this year. The Magic 6 Pro is anticipated to launch before the year ends, although the exact date is still unknown.

In addition to the Magic 6 Pro, HONOR has other exciting devices in the pipeline. The HONOR Magic V2 foldable attracted attention at a recent event in Berlin and is expected to release outside of China soon. Meanwhile, the HONOR V Purse, a fashionable concept phone, is set to debut in China later this month after being unveiled at the same Berlin event.

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