Huawei’s 2024 Vision Includes Enhanced R&D and More Improvements

Huawei‘s got a plan. A big one. They’ve laid out their vision for 2024 (it’s in Chinese, by the way). They’re not shying away from the tough stuff. Nope, they’re acknowledging the challenges they’ve faced.

Geopolitical uncertainties? Check. The impact of technical sanctions? Yep, that too. But they’re back to normal operations now, after years of hard graft.

And they’re not just looking at the problems. They’re looking ahead. They see digitalization, intelligence, and low-carbonization as the way forward. They’re ready to grab opportunities and invest strategically to hit big milestones across their business units.

2023 was a good year for Huawei. They’re hoping 2024 will be even better. They’re aiming for sales revenue of over 700 billion yuan. They’re expecting stability in the ICT infrastructure business, a performance boost in the terminal business, and growth in digital energy and cloud segments.

And let’s not forget about smart car solutions. They’re expecting to up their game there too. They’re grateful for the support they’ve had from customers, industry partners, their hardworking employees, and the families behind them.

So, what’s the big focus for 2024? Hardware and cloud.

They’re proud of their front-line marketing and service employees. They’ve been working hard to ensure the stability and security of customer networks. They’ve dealt with typhoon damage in China, tight deadlines in Indonesia and Burkina Faso, and network congestion in Latin America.

Looking ahead, each business unit has a role to play. The ICT infrastructure business will support digital transformation. Operator services will focus on network traffic, business innovation, and network evolution.

The terminal business? They’re all about creating top-notch products and building the Hongmeng ecosystem. They want to give consumers the best experience possible. Rotating Chairman Hu Houkun has big plans for Huawei Cloud. He sees it as a base for digitalization and a trustworthy foundation for various industries.

Quality management is key for Huawei. They’re committed to ensuring the security and stability of networks and platforms. They’re focusing on end-to-end quality management.

And they’re not forgetting their cadres. They need to keep up with the times, stay strategic, and contribute to the company’s growth.

In a nutshell, Huawei’s vision for 2024 is all about resilience, innovation, and navigating challenges. They’re ready for whatever comes their way.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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