Huawei’s Big Comeback to Global Smartphone Market


1. Huawei is planning a major return to the global smartphone market.
2. The availability of Huawei smartphones outside of China was limited compared to other brands.
3. Huawei’s recent releases, including the Mate 60 series, indicate a new global offensive for the company.
4. Some of the Mate 60 models are expected to launch globally, despite previous statements from Huawei.
5. Huawei’s Kirin 9000s processor and its optimization have allowed the Mate 60 series to perform well.

Huawei’s Plan to Return to the Global Smartphone Market

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has experienced setbacks in the global market due to a ban imposed by the US. However, recent reports from China suggest that Huawei is now planning a major comeback.

Expanding Availability Outside of China

Previously, Huawei smartphones were available in various markets outside of China, but the brand’s presence was not as strong as its competitors. Availability was limited and not evenly distributed across all markets. Huawei intends to change this by increasing its reach globally.

The company recently launched the Huawei Mate 60 series, consisting of three new smartphone models, as well as the Mate X5, a foldable handset. These devices are powered by Huawei’s Kirin 9000s processor, which has attracted attention due to its controversy and support for 5G technology.

Insiders claim that the Mate 60 devices are the first step in Huawei’s new global offensive for smartphones. While no specific timeline has been provided, it is expected that at least some models from the Mate 60 series will be released outside of China.

Hope for Global Availability

Previously, Huawei stated that the Mate 60 Pro would remain exclusive to China. However, this confirmation only applied to one of the three Mate 60 models, leaving room for the possibility of global availability for other models.

With the Kirin 9000s processor, Huawei has addressed one of its challenges by securing a modern chip with 5G support that cannot be blocked by the US. Although the Kirin 9000s may not be the most powerful chip available, Huawei has optimized its performance on the Mate 60 series.

The future actions of Huawei remain uncertain, but it would be beneficial for consumers to see their latest high-end smartphones available in more markets.

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