Importance of Search Payments for Android Support, According to Google


  • Google’s payments for Search being a default are integral for supporting Android
  • Competitive nature of search and payments to other companies are crucial for supporting Android against iOS
  • Payments ensure Android is able to compete with iOS and drive the success of the Play Store
  • Defense argument that revenue-share from search and agreements with companies are necessary for supporting Android

Google’s Payment for Default Search on Android

Google argues that payments for Search being the default on Android are crucial to support the platform. The US Justice Department is currently suing Google for allegedly operating an illegal monopoly in the search market.

CEO Sundar Pichai’s Defense Testimony

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized the competitive nature of the search market. The company had to renegotiate a deal with Apple to prevent it from developing a competing search product.

Competitive Nature of Search Market

Part-time Google employee Jamie Rosenberg pointed out the intense competition between Google and Apple. He stated that the payments were crucial to support Android and compete with Apple’s iOS platform.

Integral for Android’s Competitiveness

Google claims that the payments are not just about locking in its Search product as a default option but also ensuring Android’s ability to compete with iOS. The company reportedly utilizes agreements to incentivize the sale of Android devices.

Funding Android Support

The US Justice Department suggests that Google could fund the support of Android through revenue earned from the Play Store. However, Google argues that the success of search helps drive the success of the Play Store and its total earnings.

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