iPhone 15 Introduces New Feature for Extended Battery Health and Longevity


1. Apple is working on a new feature for the iPhone 15 to help improve battery health.
2. The new feature allows users to set the maximum charging percentage, such as 80%.
3. This feature may not have a significant impact on battery health in the first year or two, but it can be helpful for those planning to keep their phone for a longer time.
4. It is important to remember that battery health will naturally diminish over time, and using the phone normally is recommended.
5. Optimizing charging habits excessively may not be necessary, as the phone is meant to be used and enjoyed.

iPhone 15 Battery Health: A New Feature to Preserve Your Battery

Concerns about battery health have emerged with the release of the new iPhone 15, especially after the rapid degradation experienced by the iPhone 14 series last year. Apple is addressing these concerns by introducing a new feature aimed at prolonging your battery’s lifespan.

Accompanied by the iOS 17 Release Candidate, a recent discovery in the code reveals that Apple is developing a feature that enables users to set the maximum charging percentage. While charging your phone to 100% daily is not ideal, it is also not harmful. On the other hand, regularly charging your phone to 80% or 90% is even better for your battery. With this new feature, however, you can now limit the charging capacity to 80% to promote better battery health.

This feature is straightforward in its implementation. Once activated, your phone will stop charging as soon as it reaches the defined maximum charge percentage.

The Impact on iPhone Battery Health

Will this feature significantly improve your iPhone’s battery health? Probably not. You might not notice a substantial difference in the first one or two years of usage. However, after two years, you may start to see a more significant impact. Therefore, if you plan on keeping your phone for an extended period, this feature will prove to be very useful.

It is important to remember that battery health naturally diminishes over time. Regular phone usage and charging habits contribute to this decline, although some factors have a greater effect than others. While optimizing your charging habits to maintain impeccable battery health may seem beneficial, it is unnecessary. After all, you bought your phone to use it, so go ahead and do just that.

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