Latest Android 14 Beta QPR Fixes Pixel Bugs


1. Google released the Android 14 beta QPR 1 2.2 update, which brings bug fixes to Pixel devices.
2. The update is only available for the beta version of the software, so stable release users will have to wait for their update.
3. The Pixel 8 Pro receives the biggest update with the most fixes, as it has been lagging behind in updates compared to other phones.
4. To update your phone, go to settings, tap on the System button, and then tap on the Software update button. If a new update is available, tap on the Update button to start updating.

Google Releases Android 14 Beta QPR 1 2.2 Update with Fixes for Pixel Devices

Google has recently rolled out the Android 14 beta QPR 1 2.2 update, bringing a multitude of bug fixes specifically for Pixel devices. However, it’s important to note that this is the beta version of the software, so stable release users won’t be able to access it immediately. Rest assured, the update will become available to all users in due course.

Key Features and Updates of Android 14 Beta QPR 1 2.2

Although this update may seem like a minor adjustment, it carries numerous improvements for the software. The file size of the update will vary depending on the device, ranging from 40MB to 103MB. Notably, the Pixel 8 Pro receives the most substantial update as it has lagged behind other phones in terms of software updates. If you want to delve into the specifics, you can find the full changelog below.

Updating Your Phone

If you’re unsure how to update your phone, don’t fret. Perhaps you’ve recently acquired a new Pixel 8 and are still acquainting yourself with its features. In that case, take a look at our comprehensive Pixel 8 Review, where you’ll find an in-depth analysis of what sets this phone apart from its competitors.

To update your phone, access the settings and tap on the “System” button. From there, select the “Software update” button, which will redirect you to the update center. Initially, you’ll probably see a spinning circle at the top of the screen, followed by a notification confirming that your phone is up to date.

However, it’s not always advisable to rely solely on this notification. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, where you’ll find a “Search for update” button. Tap on it, and you’ll again see the circle spinning. In most cases, a new update will be identified. Simply select the “Update” button, and your phone will begin the updating process.

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