Leaked Renders of Galaxy A35 and A55 Reveal Four Colors

Samsung‘s Galaxy A35 and Galaxy A55 just got a sneak peek, thanks to Evan Blass. He dropped some fresh renders on X, showcasing these mid-rangers in a kaleidoscope of colors. It seems like an official reveal is on the horizon. Why? Well, Samsung’s been busy setting up support pages on its site.

Galaxy A35 and A55 are strutting their stuff in new renders. Remember last month? We were the first to show you those official renders. The colors? Awesome Iceblue, Awesome Lilac, and Awesome Navy. But wait, there’s a twist. Samsung’s adding a Greenish Yellow to the mix, at least for the A35. Evan Blass, or @evleaks, shared this sunny shade that’s a dead ringer for the Galaxy A25’s hue. The A55? It’s sticking to the original trio of colors.

At a glance, telling the A35 and A55 apart is a tough call. They share the same rear design – camera layout, LED flash, and that iconic Samsung logo. Even the buttons are in the same spots, thanks to Samsung’s new Key Island design. The frames around the power and volume buttons? They’re slightly raised.

From the front, the twins look identical, all thanks to Samsung upgrading the A35 to sport a hole-punch design. But if you squint, you’ll spot some differences. The A55 boasts antenna lines on its frame, hinting at a metallic build. The A35? No antenna lines, which means a plastic frame for it. Plus, the A55’s camera lenses jut out a bit more.

Internally, the A35 and A55 are worlds apart. We’re light on details, but here’s the scoop. The A35 is the bigger sibling, flaunting a larger display. Under the hood, they’re powered by different chipsets. The A55 is rumored to rock a new Exynos processor, complete with an AMD-powered custom GPU. Both might share a 50MP main camera, though.

In recent weeks, Samsung’s been snagging regulatory nods for the A35 and A55 from agencies worldwide. Support pages for these devices are popping up on Samsung’s sites across India, the UK, Africa, the UAE, Latin America, and more. It’s a clear sign. These devices might be hitting the shelves sooner than we think.

So, there you have it. Samsung’s Galaxy A35 and A55 are almost ready to step into the spotlight. With their mix of shared designs and unique features, they’re bound to stir up the mid-range market. Stay tuned.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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