Major YouTube Update: What’s Coming Next?


– Stable Volume feature for a more balanced listening experience
– Press to 2x feature to easily double the speed of a video
– Easier seeking with a larger thumbnail preview and vibrating feedback when returning to a specific spot
– Screen lock feature to prevent accidental interruptions while watching a video in full-screen mode
– The new “You” tab combining the Library and Accounts page for easy access to content and account settings
– Search by voice or song using AI to identify songs based on short audio samples or hums
– New animations for subscribe buttons and real-time “like” counter updates for newly posted videos
– Improved layout for YouTube on TVs with vertically scrolling panel for video information.

YouTube’s Major Update: What to Expect

If you’re an avid YouTube user, get ready for some exciting changes and new features. YouTube is rolling out a major update that will enhance your experience on both the mobile and web app. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this update:

Stable Volume

Say goodbye to sudden spikes in volume while watching YouTube videos. The new Stable Volume feature acts as a built-in compressor, minimizing the volume of louder parts for a more balanced listening experience. This feature is exclusive to the mobile version of the app.

Press to 2x

Changing the playback speed of a video is now easier than ever. With the new Press to 2x feature, all you have to do is hold your finger down on the screen to double the play speed. Lift your finger to switch back to regular speed. This feature works in both portrait and fullscreen modes.

Easier Seeking

Finding specific parts of a video is now much simpler. The thumbnail preview will be larger, taking up the entire screen, making it easier to locate the desired section. Additionally, if you want to go back to where you left off, your phone will vibrate when you reach that spot, allowing for precise seeking.

Screen Lock

Accidental taps will no longer interrupt your video. The screen lock tool prevents your fingers from interacting with the screen while in full-screen mode. To activate it, tap on the gear icon and select the Lock screen button. Tapping the screen will disable the lock.

The ‘You’ Tab

YouTube’s new layout combines your Library and Accounts pages into the ‘You’ Tab. Here, you’ll find all your videos, history, playlists, and more. Additionally, you’ll have quick access to important options and settings.

Search by Voice or Song

Finding a song on YouTube is now easier, even if you don’t know the name. You can use a short audio sample or even hum the song, and YouTube’s AI will try to identify it and provide search results.

New Animations

YouTube has added some cosmetic changes to enhance your visual experience. When a creator urges you to subscribe, the subscribe button will have a visual effect, urging you to click. Additionally, tapping the button will trigger a sparkle animation. Furthermore, newly posted videos will display real-time updates on the “like” counter for the first 24 hours, and top comments will rotate to show fresh comments.

YouTube’s New Look on TVs

When using YouTube on a TV, you’ll see a vertically scrolling panel that provides details about the video you’re watching. This panel includes information like the description, comments, and number of subscribers.

Keep an eye out for these features and updates as YouTube continues to roll them out over the coming weeks and months. Enjoy your enhanced YouTube experience!

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