Material You Design Changes for Chrome New Tab Page


  • The Chrome New Tab page is getting Material You design upgrades with a new update, including dynamic color changes and a thicker search bar.
  • Other design upgrades to the Chrome New Tab page include the removal of the home button, a smaller Google icon, and a rounded card behind the frequently visited websites grid section.
  • Google has made these design changes to improve functionality and the overall look of the interface on the New Tab page.

Chrome New Tab Page Material You Design Upgrades

The Chrome New Tab page is receiving a new update that includes Material You design upgrades. These changes enhance the entire interface and involve removing some previous elements. Dynamic Color changes also help the app to stand out.

Thicker Search Bar

One of the most noticeable changes is the thicker search bar on the New Tab page. This upgrade aligns with changes seen in other Google apps, and the text within the search bar now uses Dynamic Color to match the app’s theme.

All Design Changes

In addition to the search bar upgrade, users will also notice other design changes once the update arrives. The home button is now missing from the interface, and the ‘Google’ icon has been made smaller to allow for other design improvements. The frequently visited websites grid section has also been upgraded with the addition of a rounded card and larger, more square-ish toggle buttons for ‘Discover’ and ‘Following’.

These design changes are currently rolling out to the Chrome New Tab page, with some users receiving the update before others.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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