Meta cross-posts Threads to Facebook feeds


1. Meta has started promoting Threads posts on Facebook feeds in an effort to boost engagement and regain user interest.
2. The new feature called “For you on Threads” appears on the Facebook feed and contains popular Threads posts, but users cannot directly share their Threads posts to the feed.
3. Privacy experts have expressed concerns about how cross-posting Threads content to Facebook might affect user privacy, as Threads is designed for sharing with a limited circle of friends.
4. Meta has used similar growth-hacking tactics in the past, such as promoting Instagram Reels on Facebook’s feed, and is now also promoting Threads posts on Instagram.

Meta Promotes Threads Posts on Facebook Feeds to Increase Visibility

Meta has made a strategic move to promote Threads posts on Facebook feeds in an effort to revive the platform’s dwindling user activity. The new feature, called “For you on Threads,” showcases popular Threads posts on the Facebook feed. However, users cannot directly share their Threads posts on the feed.

The exact algorithm behind the recommendations for Threads posts on Facebook is still unknown, and privacy experts have raised concerns about the potential impact on user privacy. Enabling cross-posting from Threads to Facebook could expose content to a wider audience, which goes against Threads’ original purpose of sharing with a limited circle of friends.

In response to a user’s query about preventing Threads posts from appearing on Facebook, Meta acknowledged the update, stating that it makes it easier for users to view the latest content from Threads on Facebook and Instagram. The company also mentioned that they are actively listening to feedback and making adjustments based on user input.

It’s not surprising that Meta is leveraging its other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to promote Threads. The company previously used a similar tactic when launching Instagram Reels, promoting them on Facebook’s feed.

In August, Meta also began promoting Threads posts on Instagram. However, the key difference is that cross-posting Threads posts to Facebook feeds is currently mandatory, and users cannot opt out. It is possible that Meta may introduce an opt-out feature in the future, as some users are expressing their desire to keep their Threads posts separate from their Facebook feed.

Despite Threads having over 130 million users, the platform has been struggling with declining usage. Recent reports indicate that although there has been a surge in downloads, the overall usage of the app has significantly declined. Data from SimilarWeb reveals a 40% decrease in Threads usage on Android from July to September.

Though Meta’s promotion of Threads posts on Facebook feeds could extend the visibility of the platform, it remains to be seen whether it will succeed in reinvigorating user engagement and interest.

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