Meta Tightens Message Settings for Minors

Meta’s just dropped a bombshell. They’re going to be tightening up message settings for the young’uns on Instagram and Facebook. They’ve been chatting about it on their site. It’s all about keeping the kids safe on social media.

The new rules? They’re not just about protecting teens. They’re also about giving parents a bit more say. Unwanted contact with minors on social media? It’s been a problem for ages. These new rules are designed to tackle that issue. And give parents a bit more peace of mind.

So, what’s Meta’s plan for messaging minors? They’ve got a few things in the works. They’ve already made some changes to Instagram and Facebook. These changes are all about keeping teens safe from sensitive content.

Up until now, anyone 19 or older couldn’t message a minor. At all. But that only applied to folks the minor didn’t follow. This limit is part of a bigger change. One that includes stopping strangers from sending more than one message, or anything that’s not text-based.

But wait, there’s more. Teens on Instagram and Facebook can now say “no thanks” to messages from strangers. Completely. This includes other teens. And it’ll be on by default for minors. From now on, only people a minor is connected to can message them or add them to groups.

This protection isn’t just for Instagram and Facebook. It extends to Facebook’s Messenger app too. Only contacts or people a minor follows on Facebook can send messages. Meta’s also got another feature in the pipeline. One that’ll protect teens from seeing sensitive content from people they do follow. And it’s a safe bet this new feature will probably involve AI.

What about parental supervision tools? Meta’s got that covered too. They’re giving parents more control over supervised accounts. Parents and legal guardians can now approve or deny changes to their teen’s account settings. Before, Instagram would just notify supervisors of changes. Now, guardians have to approve changes to settings. This includes the messaging restrictions we talked about earlier. These restrictions apply to teens under 16, and under 18 in “certain countries”.

Parents and legal guardians are going to find it a lot easier to manage their teen’s social media use. These new tools and restrictions should hopefully cut down on inappropriate conduct with minors. Plus, they might even convince stricter parents to let their teens use Meta’s social media apps instead of other platforms.

Craig Diaz
Craig Diaz
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