Microsoft Edge Canary Android: Web Page Summarization with a Single Tap


– Microsoft Edge Canary on Android adds Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot feature to the bottom navigation bar.
– The integration of LLMs into browsers enables unprecedented ways of consuming summarized information from the web.
– The Copilot button in Microsoft Edge Canary provides one-tap summaries of web pages in a bulleted format.
– Copilot can answer follow-up questions about the topic and provide contextually relevant information.

Microsoft Edge Canary Adds One-Tap Summaries to Navigation Bar

Microsoft Edge Canary on Android now includes Microsoft’s AI-powered Copilot feature in the bottom navigation bar. This new addition allows users to quickly obtain a summary of long-form text with a single tap.

Improved Web Browsing with AI Integration

Microsoft has been at the forefront of AI integration, incorporating ChatGPT into Edge and Bing. This integration has made it easier and more convenient to find and utilize information from the web.

Enhanced Convenience with One-Tap Summaries

The latest update to Microsoft Edge Canary for Android introduces the Copilot button to the bottom navigation bar. With a single tap, users can access a bulleted summary of a webpage without having to read through extensive text.

Easier Access to Relevant Information

Reading an entire article only to discover that the desired information is not present can be frustrating. With Copilot, users can quickly find the specific information they’re looking for. Additionally, if they require more detailed information on a particular topic, they can easily navigate to that section through a link provided in the summary.

Efficient Follow-Up Questions and Contextual Answers

Users can pose follow-up questions to Copilot for a concise response. The AI-powered feature considers the context of the page and provides relevant information. This capability even extends to PDFs, as reported by WindowsLatest.

Further Convenience with Page Listening and Translation

In addition to one-tap summaries, users can also choose to listen to a webpage or translate it into another language with just a few taps. This added convenience enhances the overall browsing experience.

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